If you're a craft beer lover, chances are you've heard of Cornish craft beer. Nestled in the picturesque region of West Cornwall, St Ives Brewery stands out as a a leading light in Cornish beer and breweries. Well loved and respected in Cornwall and much further afield.
Here's 14 reasons why we love this brewery in Cornwall's brands and beers.
  1. A real Cornish brand: established back in 2010 the brewery has strong roots to the local area. Built by Marco and Hayley and staying true to a love of the local area, surfing, beach days and creativity. 
  1. Variety of Cornish Beers: Whether you're a fan of traditional ales or experimental IPAs, St Ives Brewery has something for everyone. From Cornish pale ales to unique IPAs, their diverse range of beers caters for all tastes
  1. Craftsmanship: Every pint from St Ives Brewery is a testament to the artistry and dedication of their brewers. As a forward thinking brewery in Cornwall they are committed to using the best possible brewing kit and the best possible ingredients and processes - that's why our craft beer is so well loved.
  1. Cornish Community Spirit: As mentioned earlier, this Cornish brewery is entwined in the local community, supporting events and customers in the hospitality arena to make the most of it's beautiful surroundings and annual pilgrimage of visitors. They care about local business and environment and work in a way that is sympathetic to this.
  1. Cornish Pride: St Ives Brewery's Cornish beers are a nod to local heritage. Most of the beers take inspiration for flavour style and name from the local area and its history. From Alba IPA, named after a boat that sank of Porthmeor, to Zennor Oatmeal Stout, taking it's name from the breath-taking village and cliffs down the road.
  1. Distinctive Flavours: From the rich malty notes of Cornish ale to the bold hoppy profiles of their IPAs, each beer from St Ives Brewery offers a unique flavour experience that sets it apart from the rest.
  1. Quality Ingredients: If you want good beer from Cornwall then you'll want beer that uses great ingredients. St Ives Brewery ticks that box. They also make use of more interesting ingredients via some unique beers, Barnoon use locally picked (by the local community) blackberries, Roast Potato & Rosemary Weizen is partnership with Colwith Farm Potatoes and La Pina is a collaboration with ethical coffee cats Yallah.
  1. Cornish Lager: We can't write an article like this without mentioning lager. Porth Cornish pilsner is as crisp as the sea that surrounds the Cornish brewery's home in Cornwall. This is a beer to be enjoyed with the sand between your toes.
  1. Passionate Brewers & team: Behind every great beer is a passionate brewer, St Ives Brewery's main man is Callum. Passionate and knowledgeable with a rea love for Cornish ale. If you want top craft beer you need a top craft brewer like Callum. He's backed up by the most energetic, fun loving and committed team, from production and backing, to sales and marketing, to taproom managers and tour guides. St Ives Brewery is a family - one that loves craft beer.
  1. Cornish Pale Ale: Everyone loves a session pale ale. It's a style of beer that just hits the right notes. St Ives Brewery brews Hella Cornish pale ale. A refreshing and sessionable pale ale that is part of their core range - is you love craft pale ale you'll love Hella.
  1. Cornish IPA: If you are a lover of fine beer from Cornwall then you'll love the wide variety of IPAs that St Ives Brewery have on their roster. From big and bold DIPAs like Destination, via tropical session Slipway IPA to everyone's favourite sunshine IPA Meor you'll have the best time trying them all. 
  2. Not just a brewery in Cornwall: With the development of a high tech brewery there is also a great taproom at St Ives Brewery. This means you can enjoy Cornish craft beer at the source and soak up the atmosphere of a modern craft brewery. A calendar of events and food trucks at the Hayle brewery mean there's always a reason to visit. There are also two other venues in St Ives, the Brewhouse at the top of the town and The Art of Brewing shop on Fore Street in the heart of the town. If you want to buy Cornish beer then any of these venues can help you out.
  1. Crafting Aspirations: St Ives Brewery aren't ones to sit still for long. As a forward-thinking Cornish brewery their eyes are firmly on the prize of growth, innovation and many, many more great craft beers. This year they will build on what has gone before and once more shoot for the stars. Join them by giving them a follow on social or signing up for their email newsletters.
  1. The Art of Brewing: A final reason to love this Cornish brewery is their mantra; The Art of Brewing. It embodies everything they do in creating and selling Cornish craft beer. Brewing is in equal parts science and creativity, that's what they mean by the art of brewing, combining good people with good processes to create good beer and good times.
Cheers to St Ives Brewery - we love beer and we love you. 
February 14, 2024