Craft beer enthusiasts and scenic landscapes come together in Cornwall, creating a perfect blend of flavours and atmospheres. St Ives Brewery, with its dedication to quality and tradition, produces some of Cornwall's finest craft beers. Here are nine fantastic places across the region where you can enjoy a pint of St Ives Brewery's Cornish craft beer and soak up the atmosphere that makes the place a special home for a brewery from Cornwall.
Old Coastguard Mousehole
The Old Coastguard in Mousehole:
Nestled in the charming village of Mousehole, The Old Coastguard offers a picturesque setting to savour a pint of St Ives Brewery's craft beer. Enjoy the sea breeze and stunning views while indulging in the rich, local food and drink that the establishment is famed for.
The Sloop Inn in St Ives:
Experience the heart of St Ives at The Sloop Inn, where you can unwind with a pint of St Ives Brewery's craft beer. With its historic charm and prime location near the harbour, it's a perfect spot to enjoy both the beer and the vibrant atmosphere. You'll find the finest Cornish IPA on offer at the bar, with both Meor and Slipway on tap.
Sloop Inn, St Ives
The Hubbox in Truro:
For a modern twist on a craft beer experience, head to The Hubbox in Truro. Pair the bold flavours of St Ives Brewery's Slipway IPA with the Hubbox's eclectic menu, enjoy a great pint and a great burger. Cornish craft beer and burgers are a pretty heady mix, but a match made in heaven.
The Harbour House in Flushing:
Escape to the tranquil village of Flushing and visit The Harbour House, a hidden gem for Cornish craft beer and good food enthusiasts. Unwind in their garden with a pint of St Ives Brewery's craft beer, surrounded by the beauty of Flushing's harbour.
Harbour House Flushing
The Red River Inn in Gwithian:
Embrace the coastal vibe at The Red River Inn in Gwithian, where you can enjoy a walk on the beach or a surf a stone's throw away at Gwithian beach or Godrevy and then soak up the vibes of a traditional countryside pub. Great food, great menu and good craft beer from Cornwall are all available here.
Red River Inn Gwithian
The Gurnards Head near Zennor:
Nestled in the moorland near Zennor, The Gurnards Head is a cozy pub offering a taste of the rugged beauty of Cornwall. Enjoy a pint of St Ives Brewery's craft beer by the fireplace or in their garden, surrounded by the breathtaking Cornish countryside. The sister of The Old Coastguard in Mousehole, this is a place for some genuine Cornish fine dining.
Gurnards Head
Una Resort in Carbis Bay:
A luxury resort, a great restaurant and a pint of craft ale? Una Resort has you covered. If you are n the area Una Kitchen is open to none residents, but if you are looking for a resort with all the trimmings then look no further.
The Victoria Inn in Perranuthanoe:
Step into the warmth of The Victoria Inn in Perranuthanoe, a traditional Cornish pub with a welcoming atmosphere. Sip on St Ives Brewery's craft beer and soak in the charm of this quintessentially Cornish pub. The beach is a short walk away and offers views across Mounts Bay, taking in the breathtaking St Michaels Mount.
Victoria Inn, Perranuthanoe
Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Porthtowan:
For a unique beer experience in an eco-friendly setting, head to Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Porthtowan. Enjoy a pint of St Ives Brewery's craft beer in this sustainable venue, surrounded by nature and community spirit. It's also home to the incredible Tropical Pressure Festival, where world music meets good food, good people and St Ives Brewery craft beer.

We'd not encourage visiting all of these in one go, but they are all well worth adding to your 'must see' places.
February 07, 2024