the art of brewing

Welcome to St Ives Brewery, where the wild Cornish coast meets the art of craft beer.

Founded in 2010, we've been crafting high-quality beers that truly capture the essence of our beautiful location. Our passion for brewing great beer is driven by the natural beauty of St. Ives and the desire to celebrate good times with friends and family.


At St Ives Brewery, we offer a diverse range of beers, including our flagship Boilers Gold Golden Ale and our refreshing core range featuring Alba, Porth, Hella, and Meor.

Each beer is crafted with the finest ingredients and traditional brewing methods, ensuring the highest quality in every pint.

Our beers are designed to evoke memories and emotions, from the rugged intensity of Alba IPA to the crisp and clean notes of Porth Pilsner. Whether you're a fan of traditional pale ales or modern session IPAs, we have a beer to suit your taste.

wild cornish coast

We believe in capturing the essence of the wild Cornish coast in every sip of our beer. The rugged cliffs, crystal clear waters, and epic surf of St Ives are what inspire us to create beers that embody the spirit of this beautiful location.

Whether it's a refreshing summer day or a beach BBQ with friends, our beers are meant to be shared and savored as a celebration of the Cornish coast. Each beer is a unique representation of the local environment, from the fruity richness of Alba to the stormy intensity of Hella, showcasing our passion for the sea and surfing.


Visit our venues

Discover St Ives Brewery, a place where brewing expertise has been honed for 10 years. Visit our new working brewery taproom in Hayle or our micro tap room and shop in St Ives. Dine with a view at the Brewhouse Cafe overlooking St Ives beach. Meet our brewing team, chat about the brewing process, and immerse yourself in our passion for beer. Come taste the difference.