Join us on a journey through the rich tapestry of Cornish beer, a heritage woven into the very fabric of Cornwall's culture and landscape. Here at St Ives Brewery we love being in the realm of Cornish ale, playing our part in the past, present and future of craft beer in Cornwall. 
Exploring Cornish Brewing Heritage:
Cornwall's brewing legacy traces back centuries, with a landscape dotted with breweries nestled amidst rugged coastlines and verdant countryside. Among these, St Ives Brewery stands out, blending tradition with contemporary flair to craft exquisite Cornish beer. Early pioneers were pretty close to St Ives Brewery's current brewery in Cornwall. The Ellis Brewery was part of the early beer production in Cornwall on a commercial scale, dating back to the 1800s. 
Other pioneers can be seen as St Austell Brewery and Sharp's Brewery, each with its own landmark Cornish beer brands that have travelled well and become household names well beyond the borders of the Duchy. The former was founded way back in 1851, whilst Sharp's has carved out huge acclaim since being established in 1994. We are pretty thankful for Cornish ale like Tribute and Doom Bar in all honesty, they have paved the way and laid the foundations for breweries like ours to be recognised outside Cornwall.
Founded in 2010, St Ives Brewery has been at the forefront of Cornwall's brewing renaissance. From humble beginnings in a small corner of St Ives, it has grown into a cornerstone of the local beer scene, celebrating the region's finest ingredients and brewing techniques. With a cafe in St Ives overlooking the bay (where its first solo microbrewery was first set up), a town shop close to the waters-edge and a high-tech brewery home in Hayle, we are passionate about producing great Cornish craft beer and helping to promote local business to the widest audience possible. 
Crafting Cornish Ale:
Central to our ethos is a commitment to crafting exceptional Cornish ale that reflects the spirit and character of our home in Cornwall. Using locally sourced ingredients where possible, each beer is a testament to the brewery's dedication to quality and authenticity. It's been part of our approach and processes from the very beginning, and we think that approach is pretty well vindicated by our continued growth right up to the present day.
From dark stouts to bold IPAs and refreshing pale ales, St Ives Brewery offers a diverse range of beers to suit every palate. Whether enjoyed in the cozy confines of a local pub or sipped against the backdrop of Cornwall's breathtaking vistas, each sip tells a story of tradition, innovation, and passion. Whether you are enjoying the dark and mysterious Zennor Oatmeal Cornish stout, a crisp Cornish pilsner like Porth or Cornish ales like Hella, Alba, Slipway or Meor, we know that you'll be enjoying the highest quality beer form Cornwall.
Breweries in Cornwall:
While St Ives Brewery shines brightly in Cornwall's brewing landscape, it is but one star in a constellation of esteemed breweries. From the aforementioned forefathers of Cornish beer to the more modern take, the likes of Verdant, Harbour, Dynamite Valley and Firebrand are all pushing the boundaries of Cornish beer and it means you are spoilt for choice if you want to buy Cornish ale. 
For beer enthusiasts, exploring Cornwall's breweries is a journey of discovery, with each pint offering a glimpse into the region's rich brewing heritage. Whether touring facilities, sampling flights, or attending beer festivals, there's no shortage of ways to immerse oneself in Cornwall's beer culture.
Cornish beer holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike, serving as a liquid reminder for the region's warmth and hospitality. A beer from Cornwall is more than a mere tipple. It is a vehicle to take people back to the coastline, back to the beach and back to that feeling they get whilst here in Cornwall or at their favourite spot. 
February 07, 2024