Craft beer enthusiasts around the world often find themselves captivated by the diverse choice of India Pale Ales (IPAs). Renowned for their hop-forward profiles, IPAs have evolved into various substyles, each with its unique characteristics. As a brewery in Cornwall focused on growth we have developed a range of different Cornish IPA craft beer, but we thought we'd dive into different styles to share some insight and knowledge.
American IPA:
Overview: The quintessential American IPA is a hop-centric beer known for its assertive bitterness, balanced malt backbone, and prominent aromas of citrus, pine, and floral notes.
Our version: Alba is our rugged and intense Cornish craft IPA. A fruity hit with flavours of toffee and burnt caramel make this a real experience for lovers of more intense bitterness and IPA style beers.
Double IPA (DIPA) or Imperial IPA:
Overview: Ramping up the hop intensity, Double IPAs boast higher alcohol content and a bolder hop presence. Expect a symphony of hop flavours and a more robust malt profile.
Our version: Destination DIPA is our boldest and baddest beer. A real big impact beer which is hazy and yellow win appearance and delivers a complex aroma, bitter explosion and long-lasting citrus finish. Brewed in a Cornish brewery but a style to be loved the world over.
New England IPA (NEIPA):
Overview: Breaking away from tradition, NEIPAs are characterized by a hazy appearance, smooth mouthfeel, and a focus on hop aroma and flavour rather than bitterness. Tropical and juicy notes dominate.
Our version: Slipway, our juicy session IPA is one that hammers home a stone fruit finish. At 5% ABV, it's the perfect beer to enjoy on a warm summer's day. Using a dry hop blend of Citra and Simcoe brings out tropical and citrusy notes and is one of the reasons this Cornish IPA is a real fan favourite.
West Coast IPA:
Overview: Hailing from the birthplace of the craft beer movement, West Coast IPAs prioritise a crisp, dry finish and showcase a clear amber colour. Piney and resinous hop flavours are prevalent.
Our version: Back Road West is a malty and piney and more bitter craft beer from Cornwall. It's one of those beers for lovers of more bitter beers.
Session IPA:
Overview: Designed for easy drinking, Session IPAs maintain the hop-forward character of their counterparts but with a lower alcohol content. Ideal for extended sipping sessions.
Our version: Meor is our sunshine craft IPA. A proper craft beer from Cornwall. It's like liquid sunshine in a can (or bottle) and is a truly modern session IPA with classic bitterness and fruity aromas.
There are a number of other styles of IPA that we don't necessarily make here at our brewery in Cornwall, but be rest assured we are always experimenting and testing ideas, so might just see a Black IPA or Belgian style IPA cropping up at some point.
Whether you're a hophead seeking intense bitterness or a fan of the hazy and juicy, the world of IPA craft beers has something for everyone. Embrace variety and get yourself a mixed case of ST Ives Brewery craft beer.
January 23, 2024