We learned a long time ago that to make great craft beer in Cornwall requires more than just great ingredients and equipment. It needs a team of people who are equally passionate about it: people who say yes, people who work out how, people who don’t settle for average, and people who want the best.

In a decade of the art of brewing, we have had a whole host of amazing, can-do people working with us. But we wanted to celebrate some of those fine folk here at the moment, pushing us on to become a top Cornish brewery.

Over the next few weeks, we will introduce you to as many of the team here at St Ives Brewery as possible, letting you find out who they are, what makes them tick, and why they love craft beer.

This week meet Marco, Hayley and Callum.

Marco St Ives Brewery

Marco knows everyone, or everyone knows Marco? Not too sure, to be honest. Marco is the captain of the good ship St Ives Brewery. He started the brewery over a decade ago and has been the driving force behind the beer, the brand, and how St Ives Brewery does business.

He brewed the early beers after spending years running pubs, but also using his creative edge from studying fine art at Falmouth Uni. He saw the opportunity in taking on an old toilet block and turning it into the brewhouse café and his first functioning microbrewery. He saw the potential to grow even more, so he sought the growth that has come with the new brewery HQ and taproom.

Marco is driven by caffeine, a love for beer, and an insatiable desire to spend time in the sea. If he can get away from work, you’ll likely find him on the beach with the family or out in the water racking up some serious turns in the surf. Or not.

Big smile, big on hospitality, and time for everyone. You’ll still find him manning the taps in the taproom too, so come say hi.


Hayley St Ives Brewery


Hayley makes sure the taproom, brewhouse , and Art of Brewing in St Ives run a tight ship. She’s the one keeping an eye on the details, crossing ‘T’s’, and dotting ‘I’s’.

As Marco’s partner, she has been with the brewery from day one, helping him to guide and shape a sensible direction for a brewery in Cornwall with big aspirations. Without her, the brewery wouldn’t be where it is today.

Callum Brewer St Ives Brewery

Our Head Brewer is Callum, the man in charge of our incredible brewing kit and ensuring we are driving forwards and making great beer.

He has loads of experience in the hospitality industry, but that’s beautifully paired with chemistry, studied at university, which makes for perfect beer brewing. He’s one with a passion for perfecting the art of brewing, making the best beer in Cornwall, developing the best brewery in Cornwall, and sharing those amazing skills with customers old and new, near and far.

Callum loves marrying science with creativity to make amazing craft beer, using great ingredients, seasonal approaches, and great flavors. If you are keen for an in-depth conversation about the process, then he’s your man.

We’ll be back soon with a few other team members too.
June 27, 2023