Craft beer has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating beer enthusiasts with its unique flavours, quality ingredients, and dedication to the art of brewing. In recent years, Cornish breweries have emerged as a driving force in the craft beer industry, producing exceptional beers that showcase the region's rich brewing heritage. We want to delve into the qualities that make a great craft beer, with a particular focus on what makes good Cornish beer.

Porth Pilsner Cornish Lager

Great ingredients make a great foundation for great craft beer:

Craft beer owes its excellence to the high-quality ingredients used during the brewing process. We take great pride in sourcing the finest ingredients to infuse our beers with unique flavours. Whether it's using locally ingredients like Blackberries picked by hand for our Barnoon Belgian Dubbel or using the finest hops available, we use the best to craft superb beer in Cornwall.

Balancing flavours for perfection:

Craft beers are celebrated for their diverse flavour profiles, offering a sensory adventure with every sip. There are many Cornish breweries that excel in creating balanced and complex brews that cater to different palates. We use a huge array of flavours across our core and craft ranges to shape truly unique drinking experiences. From the hoppy to the fruity, from coffee to toffee – there’s always something different to taste.

Perfect processes: The Art of Brewing:

Behind every great craft beer is a skilled brewer who has honed their craft through years of experience. Here at St Ives Brewery we have Callum at the helm, a hugely experienced brewer with a real eye for detail and a passion for pushing boundaries. It’s why you’ll find some of the most progressive and unique Cornish beers in our taproom and online.

Artistic Label Design: Reflecting Craftsmanship and Creativity

In the craft beer world, packaging is not just an afterthought—it is an integral part of the overall experience. We work hard to identify angles for naming and designing beers, paying close attention to the artistic design of our labels, showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle or can. From vibrant illustrations to captivating storytelling, these labels reflect the passion and dedication of the brewers – they also represent what is to be a brewery in Cornwall, featuring imagery and names aligned to the sea and the environment our home. For us you’ll find incredible photography from local photographers on Zennor, Slipway and Back Road West and amazing artwork on the core range of Meor, Porth, Alba and Hella – all taking their names from local places and words.

Our Cornish craft beer goes beyond mere refreshment; it embodies art, creativity, and a passion for quality. We work hard to try to exemplify what makes a great craft beer—quality ingredients, diverse flavour profiles, brewing expertise and attention to artistic detail.
July 20, 2023