Craft beer is a term that has become increasingly popular in recent years, representing more than just a choice of drink– it embodies a culture, a philosophy, and a distinct approach to brewing beer.

Craft beer is not merely a type of beer; it's a movement within the brewing industry that values quality, tradition, and innovation. Unlike mass-produced beers from large commercial breweries, craft beer is often produced by smaller, independent breweries dedicated to maintaining the authenticity and unique flavours of their brews. These breweries tend to be more fleet of foot and experimental, with an ability to craft beers using a vast array of small batch ingredients and processes. This way of doing things sits at the heart of St Ives Brewery, we love being able to create Cornish beer with soul injected into each and every brew.

Key Characteristics of Craft Beer:

Small Batch Production: Craft brewers focus on producing beer in smaller batches, allowing for greater attention to detail and quality control. This approach enables experimentation and the creation of diverse and distinctive beer styles. For example the use of blackberries in our Barnoon Belgian Dubbel, or collaborations with local coffee producers or farmers to create La Pina Espresso West Coast IPA or our Roast Potato and Rosemary Wheat beers respectively.

Diversity of Styles: Craft breweries take pride in experimenting with various ingredients, brewing techniques, and styles. From traditional ales and lagers to bold and creative concoctions, the world of craft beer is a playground for innovation. As a growing craft brewery in Cornwall we offer a variety of styles, from more traditional amber ales to modern highly hazy pale ales and IPAs. We’ll also create more unique brews like DIPAs, oatmeal stouts and wiezen style beers – that’s the joy of being a craft brewer.

Emphasis on Flavour: Craft beer enthusiasts often prioritize flavour complexity over mass appeal. Brewers pay meticulous attention to the selection of high-quality ingredients, including unique hops, malts, and yeast strains, resulting in a rich and diverse flavour profile. Our head brewer Callum has a solid grounding and years of experience, that allows him to understand and select from a wide variety of hops, fusing them with local ingredients and unique approaches to build bold and unique flavours.

Independence: Independence is a cornerstone of the craft beer movement. Craft breweries are typically independent and avoid being owned or controlled by major beverage corporations. This independence allows them to maintain their creative freedom and authenticity. Here at St Ives Brewery, our beer is as Cornish as we are. We love this independence and being a step away from the large multi-nationals, we love being on the frontline with our customers and trade accounts and working hand in glove with suppliers. We like to do what feels right to create great craft beer in Cornwall.

A crafty community
Craft beer goes beyond the liquid in the glass; it fosters a sense of community among beer enthusiasts, brewers, and local businesses. We like to engae with our local community through events, collaborations, and the celebration of local ingredients. We also love being part of the community of small, independent breweries and providing great products to a community of like-minded beer lovers from all walks of life.

In essence, craft beer is a celebration of craftsmanship, innovation, and community. It is a movement that encourages beer lovers to explore new flavours and test their boundaries, support local businesses, and appreciate the artistry behind each beer being brewed. As the craft beer culture continues to evolve, its meaning remains deeply rooted in the dedication to quality, creativity, and the joy of savoring a well-crafted pint.
December 13, 2023