As the new year unfolds, many embark on the popular tradition of Dry January, abstaining from alcohol for the entire month. However, we all know that's not always going to be easy or fun so we like to take a different approach – welcome to Tryanuary, a month dedicated to embracing new and exciting craft beers.

Instead of steering clear of the taps, why not use this opportunity to expand your palate and indulge in the rich flavours of Cornish craft beer? Join us on a journey through our craft range.

Here's a few of our favourite craft range beers, available online in 440ml cans and all included in mixed cases.

Slipway IPA: Immerse yourself in the bold and hoppy goodness of Slipway IPA. This Cornish craft beer boasts a perfect balance of malt sweetness and tropical and fruity hops, creating a refreshing experience that will leave your taste buds tingling. It's a true celebration of the artistry that defines great craft beer.

Destination DIPA: Take your taste buds on a journey with Destination DIPA, a Double India Pale Ale that pushes the boundaries of flavour. This beer is a symphony of tropical fruit notes, floral aromas, and a satisfying hop bitterness. Our boldest craft beer from right here in Cornwall.

Back Road West: For those who appreciate the classics, Back Road West is a nod to the traditional English Bitter. This amber ale combines a rich malt character with a subtle hop bitterness, creating a well-balanced and easy-drinking brew. It's a timeless choice for your Tryanuary adventures and is our take on the old favourite American craft brewing style.

Zennor: Dive into the heart of Cornish brewing with Zennor, a beer that embodies the spirit of the coastal village it's named after. This dark and mysterious oatmeal stout features a harmonious blend of malt sweetness and a hint of sweetness, creating a perfect beer for the colder months.

La Pina: Explore the bold tropical fruits, punchy rhubarb, and a blend of Cascade hops and coffee for orangey notes, cocoa, and balanced bitterness. It's a perfect fusion of a west coast IPA and premium coffee.

How do I get involved with Tryanuary?

Well, it's not a 'thing' per se, you just need to peruse the website and find a mixed case that takes your fancy, one with a wide variety of craft beer from Cornwall that will give you an enjoyable few evening beers this January.

Head on over to the shop to find your new favourite Cornish craft beers.

January 03, 2024