Last year we developed a fair few new beers, ones that sat in the 440ml craft range, but our core range of Cornish craft beer remains as popular as ever and is available online and in various shops across the South West and further afield. Spar, Tesco and independent bottle shops love the core range - so we thought we'd share a bit about each of these perfect craft beers from Cornwall.

Meor IPA: A Cornish Craft Beer Classic
Meor IPA stands as a testament to St Ives Brewery's commitment to crafting exceptional Cornish beers. This well-balanced India Pale Ale is a harmonious blend of citrusy hops and a sturdy malt backbone, delivering a taste that embodies the essence of Cornwall's rugged beauty.

Crafted with precision, Meor IPA is a prime example of Cornish craft beer, resonating with beer enthusiasts who appreciate quality and authenticity. She is our sunshine IPA and is craft IPA best enjoyed in plain view of the sea and with sand between your toes.

Alba IPA: A craft IPA for fans of hops
Alba is our rugged and intense IPA. A craft beer with ramped up bitterness, malty and amber appearance and fruit notes accompanied with burnt caramel and toffee. If you love a classic bitter craft ale then Alba is the one for you.

Porth Pilsner: Cornish craft pilsner
A crisp and refreshing offering that exemplifies the art of brewing, the result is a classic Pilsner with a Cornish touch. This craft beer boasts a clean taste, delivered with a side of floral, fruity notes and citrus hints to create a perfectly balanced beer.

Everyone loves an easy drinking and crisp pilsner, Porth is the solution for that requirement. Enjoyed year round, but definitely perfect at the end of a warm summer's day.

Hella Pale Ale: a golden pale ale
Everybody loves a pale ale. Hella is our version of the classic craft beer, with summer fruits, strawberries and malt in perfect harmony to create a well balanced golden pale ale.

She is dry hopped to heighten the drinking experience and create the most enjoyable easy drinking experience, something that should always be the case with pale ale like this one. A perfect addition to your beer fridge and one you know anyone can enjoy.

Our core range embodies the essence of Cornish craft beer and brewing. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and a touch of regional inspiration, these beers showcase the brewery's dedication to creating exceptional beers that capture the spirit of Cornwall. Explore the full range and experience the taste of true Cornish craftsmanship with St Ives Brewery's outstanding core beers.

Cheers to the art of brewing.
January 10, 2024