Growing a craft brewery business is a tricky undertaking, balancing the split between on and off trade has long been where the devil is in the detail for us, we try to make things as simple as possible, in that we apply the same love and attention to detail through craft brewing, bottling, canning, sales, online sales, marketing and serving our trade customers.
Here in Cornwall, we are able to do just this, super serving venues and establishments across the county, not only delivering our Cornish craft beer, but also bringing a wealth of other skills and experience to the table.

Direct to trade and local delivery

Here's a few reasons why our trade customers love us here in Cornwall.

Best prices:
Coming direct to our awesome sales team means you get the best possible prices. We can make sure the rates work for us all, especially when the transaction is just between two companies. If you want to talk about what we can offer on cask or keg then drop us a line and we'll ensure you get the right support and prices for your business.

Local delivery:
This is a good one. We are out and about all the time and can schedule in free delivery for your trade orders, that way you know exactly when your beer will be with you.
Tap lines

Cellar service and installs:
We don't just brew, sell and then deliver beers. We can help your venue to serve up the beers too. We can get our passionate and skilled team in your venue setting up lines, offering advice and training and ensuring that you keep the Cornish beer in perfect condition That means you'll have happy customers who will come back tie and again and leave lovely TripAdvisor reviews.
Cellar Services

Bespoke Services:
Coming direct to us means that you don't have to simply pick an 'off the shelf' solution to stocking our Cornish beer. We work with you, becoming an extended part of your team keen to make sure your business thrives at the same time as ours. It's all about passion and a deep desire to be the best brewery in Cornwall. That means working with trade customers in a way that they need, not just trying to hammer a square peg in a round hole.

The proof is in the pudding, here's some feedback from one of our happy trade customers.

"Working with St Ives Brewery is a breath of fresh air. Top communication, professional and friendly, great delivery on-time and a range of products to service our events, gigs, weddings and festivals"

If all this has got you intrigued as to how we might be able to work together then don't be shy. Drop us an email on or give us a call on 01736 793467 to find out what we can do together. Here's a big cheers to good beer and working with like-minded businesses here in Cornwall and further afield.
March 06, 2024