Craft brewers take time and care crafting perfect beers, but what is also important is the naming of that beer and the sensation that evokes in people. We thought it might be worth talking about our Cornish brewery and how we like to name our beers with a clear link to our local culture and Cornish heritage.
Porth: The name originates from the Cornish meaning of 'bay' or 'harbour', that's why you'll see many places here in Cornwall sharing the name. Places like Porthleven, Porthtowan and our spiritual home Porthmeor. We've been lucky enough to grow up with many of these places as our playground, so it was only right that our Corish pilsner shared the name.
Meor: Our sunshine IPA takes it name from our local beach Porthmeor. It's a stunning stretch of sand backed by the Tate Gallery.  A place we love to surf and hang out with family at, it's the perfect spot all year round. 
Hella: A 'hella', in Cornish slang, is a troublesome person, someone who likes to push the boundaries. Our Pale Ale delicately balances hops and favours to create a playful beer that's a loveable rogue of craft beers from Cornwall. 
Alba: The SS Alba was a steamship that tragically sank off Porthmeor beach in 1938. It created a heroic rescue from the St Ives lifeboat who headed into the wild waters off our coast to rescue the crew of the Alba. All members of the RNLI crew survived despite ending up in the water and they saved the lives of all but 5 of the crew of Alba. The boiler of the boat is still visible at low tide on Porthmeor beach.
Slipway: There are many slipways throughout the fishing villages of Cornwall. Here in St Ives those slipways are places of action, but also a marvellous place to see the perfect light that St Ives is famed for and witness the perfect turquoise seas meeting land. It perfectly sums up the refreshing and fruity aromas and flavours of everyone's favourite Cornish IPA, Slipway.
Back Road West: Taking its name form the road that connects one side of the harbour of St Ives to the picturesque Porthmeor beach. It's a journey that thousands take each year and aways provides that magical moment of turning the corner into Porthmeor, with that sense of expectation as t what view will await you. 
Zennor: The village of Zennor is steeped in legend and culture. It's a tiny hamlet way out West beyond St Ives, with towering cliffs once you get to the coast path and sense of wildness. It's the perfect moniker for our dark and mysterious Oatmeal stout. There are many stories from this part of the Cornish coast, but the mermaid of Zennor is the most well-known. She tempted a local boy into the sea with her singing and they were never seen again. 
Barnoon: This Blackberry infused craft beer takes its name from the area above Porthmeor here in St Ives. Much like many of our beers, it just seemed right to use a local place name, and Barnoon is an area with great art studios and views across the bay towards Godrevy lighthouse.
March 13, 2024