Craft beer is more than just beer; it's a culture of collaboration, innovation, and shared passion. Recently, we had the pleasure of teaming up with the magnificent Vocation Brewery to create some collaboration beers. We couldn't be prouder to be able to say we have worked with the team at Vocation, we have admired the for a number of years, so this is a big moment for us.

Reflecting on our journey over the past 14 years, it's clear that the craft beer landscape has undergone some really remarkable changes. What once seemed like a niche industry has blossomed into a vibrant community of brewers and craft beer brands. Among those that started this modern industry stands Vocation Brewery, a powerhouse of craft beer based in Hebden Bridge near Halifax.


Led by the visionary Head Brewer Gary Farlow, Vocation Brewery has carved out a reputation for excellence, producing over 10 million pints of beer annually. Gary's passion for his craft and his dedication to quality are palpable in every sip of Vocation's brews.

Our collaboration with Vocation Brewery was not just an opportunity to create exceptional beers; it was also a chance to exchange knowledge and expertise. As Gary himself eloquently put it, "I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to visit you guys. It's always intriguing to visit other breweries and learn about their processes, seeing the subtle differences between our operation and theirs. I treat it as a learning experience as much as the guys I'm visiting more often than not! There's always knowledge to be shared in both directions."

During Gary's visit, we were humbled by his praise for our team and our hospitality. "The welcome from the whole team and hospitality you and Callum showed were second to none!" he added. "You've set new standards and benchmarks for any visiting collaborations with Vocation Brewery going forward!"


Indeed, but collaboration is clearly a two-way street, and we were also keen to soak up Gary's insights and expertise. Callum, our own Head Brewer, impressed Gary with his knowledge and innovative approaches to brewing. "Callum also came across as very knowledgeable, yet receptive and keen to garner anything and everything I was able to teach him regarding new techniques and other process refinement," Gary noted. "A credit to your team, that's for sure."

With Gary's guidance and inspiration, we embarked on the creation of two exceptional beers that embody the spirit of our collaboration. 'That’s My Jam,' our first-ever sour beer, and 'Alora,' a tantalizing Double Dry Hopped IPA, are testaments to the creativity and craftsmanship that define both our breweries. These beers use hops that are new to both St Ives Brewery and to Vocation Brewery, which seemed like the right way to go about collaborating. These beers have been warmly welcomed by the teams at both breweries, with the ask already there to use more of the same hops for future beers.

Here's to collaboration. Here's to Gary. Here's to Vocation Brewery. Here's to super good craft beer. Go get some whilst stocks last.


April 10, 2024