We recently teamed up with Vocation Brewery to craft some smashing hazy craft beer, the teamwork and sharing of knowledge ensured we got a couple of splendid beers brewed. This isn't the first time our Cornish brewery has teamed up with partners, with collaborations with Yallah Coffee and Colwith Farm Potatoes & Farm shop in the last year.

Craft Breweries benefit hugely from working with like-minded businesses who are passionate about quality products. So we thought we'd share 7 reasons why we love making Cornish Craft Beer with co-conspirators.


1. Unleashing Creative Fusion: When breweries and businesses team up, they bring a blend of expertise, techniques, and flavours to the process. This creative partnership often results in beers that break from traditional approaches, meaning the craft beer lovers get to sample something truly unique.

2. Inspiring Innovation: Collaboration sparks inspiration and innovation as brewers brainstorm, experiment, and push boundaries together. This dynamic way of brewing leads to ground breaking beers that redefine traditional styles and set new trends in the craft beer industry.

3. Fostering Industry Camaraderie: Working together strengthens bonds within the craft beer community, creating a sense of camaraderie and mutual support. Collaboration isn't just about brewing beer; it's about building lasting relationships that benefit everyone involved. We love sharing our passion with as many people and businesses as possible.

4. Creating Unique Stories: Collaborative beers tell unique stories of partnership, friendship, and shared passion. Whether it's a reunion of old brewing buddies or an unexpected alliance between breweries from different corners of the globe, these stories add depth and intrigue to the drinking experience. We've partnered with ethical coffee companies, farms and a Northern powerhouse of a brewery in the last year.

5. Creating Customer Curiosity: Craft beer fans love the story behind each beer, and collaboration brews offer a compelling narrative. From the excitement of two breweries or companies coming together to the intrigue of experimental ingredients and techniques, collaborative beers capture the imagination and keep craft beer advocates happy.

6. Celebrating Diversity: Collaboration celebrates the diversity of the craft brewing industry, bringing together breweries of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. These partnerships showcase the depth of flavours and traditions that define modern craft beer, promoting inclusivity and exploration within the industry.

7. Brewing Greatness Together: Ultimately, collaborating with other businesses and breweries to create collaboration beers is about brewing great beers together. It's about pushing boundaries, embracing creativity, and crafting beers that leave a lasting impression on drinkers everywhere. So, cheers to collaboration and the endless possibilities it brings to the world of craft beer.


Think you might be a good collaborator for us here at St Ives Brewery? Drop us a line via the contact form - we love talking beer and exploring the possibilities of partnerships.

April 16, 2024