In recent years, the craft beer scene has witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of hazy and hoppy beers. These exceptional beers have captured the imagination and palates of craft beer enthusiasts.

But what exactly makes these hazy beers so irresistible?

Let's dive into the world of hazy and hoppy craft beer and find out why the love for them is so strong.

The Hazy Appeal

Picture yourself holding a glass of beer with a cloudy, opaque appearance, reminiscent of a misty morning in the countryside. This is the allure of hazy beers. Unlike their clear counterparts, which undergo filtration to remove sediments and achieve clarity, hazy beers embrace their natural cloudiness, resulting in a visually striking brew.

But it's not just about looks; the haze in these beers contributes to a distinctive mouthfeel, often described as velvety or creamy. This lush texture enhances the drinking experience, coating the palate with a softness that accentuates the flavors within.

Hoppy Delights

Now, let's talk about hops—the unsung heroes of the craft beer revolution. Hops impart a huge variety of flavours and aromas to beer, ranging from citrusy and floral to piney and resinous. In hazy and hoppy beers, hops take centre stage, delivering an explosion of tropical fruitiness and bold, juicy flavours. That’s why you’ll hear terms like ‘juice bomb’ to describe these craft beers.

Expect the Unexpected

One of the most exciting aspects of hazy and hoppy beers is their unpredictability. Thanks to the creative ingenuity of craft brewers and the diverse array of hop varieties available, no two beers are exactly alike. From sessionable pale ales bursting with citrusy brightness to hazy double IPAs dripping with tropical decadence, there's a hazy and hoppy beer to suit every taste preference.

At St Ives Brewery, we're passionate about creating exceptional hazy and hoppy beers that captivate the imagination and inspire the palate. Each new beer is brewed with precision and care, using the finest hops and brewing techniques to ensure a drinking experience that is truly unforgettable.

If you fancy a hazy beer from Cornwall then look no further than Slipway NEIPA, Destination DIPA or our Vocation Brewery collaboration beer Alora. All available as part of our 440ml craft range.


April 22, 2024