Lagers and pilsners have long been staples in the world of beer, known for their crisp, refreshing qualities. At St Ives Brewery, we take pride in our approach to these classic beer styles. Here's 7 key components of great craft lager, qualities and characteristics you'll find in our lager and pilsner offerings.

1. Crisp and Clean Flavour
One of the defining features of a great lager is its clean, crisp flavour profile. This characteristic is achieved through a longer fermentation process at lower temperatures, which minimises fruity esters and enhances clarity. Our Porth Pilsner embodies this with its bright and refreshing taste, perfect for a sunny day by the Cornish coast. It's a classic pilsner with a light, crisp finish that quenches your thirst effortlessly.

2. Balanced Hop Bitterness
While lagers and pilsners aren't as hop-heavy as many craft beers, they do have a balanced bitterness that provides a satisfying finish. Our Helles Mouth Cornish Lager strikes this balance perfectly, offering a mild yet noticeable hop presence that complements its smooth malt backbone. This results in a well-rounded beer that's both flavourful and refreshing.

3. Golden Hue
A hallmark of lagers and pilsners is their inviting golden colour. This comes from the use of pale malts, which also contribute to the beer’s light, approachable body. Both the Porth Pilsner and Helles Mouth Cornish Lager showcase this beautiful golden hue, making them as visually appealing as they are delicious. The golden colour invites you in and sets the stage for a delightful drinking experience.

4. Smooth Mouthfeel
Lagers are renowned for their smooth, clean mouthfeel, which is a result of meticulous brewing techniques and extended maturation times. Our Helles Mouth Cornish Lager delivers a velvety smooth experience that glides over the palate, making it incredibly drinkable and refreshing. This smoothness is perfect for those who enjoy a beer that’s easy on the palate and satisfying from the first sip to the last.

5. Subtle Malt Sweetness
While lagers are generally not as sweet as some other beer styles, they do offer a subtle malt sweetness that enhances their overall flavour. Porth Pilsner features this delicate sweetness, which balances perfectly with its crisp finish, making it a favourite among those who appreciate a well-crafted beer. This sweetness is never overpowering, providing just enough to complement the beer’s other flavours.

6. Sessionable ABV
Craft lagers and pilsners typically have a moderate alcohol strength or ABV, this makes them ideal for extended enjoyment without overwhelming the senses. Both our Porth Pilsner and Helles Mouth Cornish Lager are designed with this sessionability in mind, ensuring you can enjoy a pint or two without feeling weighed down. The Porth Pilsner comes in at a refreshing 4.8% ABV, whilst Helles Mouth is a little more sessionable at a steady 4%.

7. Refreshing Finish
The ultimate test of a great lager or pilsner is its finish. A refreshing, clean finish is what makes these styles so well loved, especially during the warmer months. Both Porth Pilsner and Helles Mouth Cornish Lager deliver on this front, offering a crisp, invigorating sensation with each sip.

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May 22, 2024