What a blast we had last week at Falmouth Food Festival, it was an amazing event and a real celebration of Cornish food and drink. It was also pretty fabulous to be out there meeting lovers of Cornish beer out of the brewery. Cornwall is a place that is seemingly as well known for its quality food and drink producers and restaurants as it is for its coastline and beaches. We love being a part of this culture, and sharing it with others.

The festival was entirely Cornish producers, which is always great to see, and it is always nice to be reminded just how much quality, or how many amazing products are created right here in Cornwall. There were foods for all tastes, be it sweet tooth pleasing or something more savoury. Harry and Barney have really nailed the perfect recipe for Cornish food festival - thanks guys.

Throughout the event three was a steady and impressive line-up of eclectic and lively music, keeping punters well entertained and suitably on their toes. We were stoked to be able to throw a few shapes and demonstrate the quality of our dad dancing. The combination of great entertainment and great food and drink meant that the gathering crowds remained happy and buoyant, even when the weather was slightly squiffy on Saturday.


It was so nice to attend for the three days, especially seeing the bar loaded with our beers and plenty of happy people enjoying a pint or two in the laid back and amazing vibes that the festival organisers had created.

We'll be back for sure.

May 27, 2024