Cornwall is not only celebrated for its stunning landscapes but also for its thriving food and drink scene. It's easy to understand why; the environment is a constant source of inspiration and provides amazing ingredients. This is precisely what inspired Porth Pilsner, our beloved Cornish beer.

Bottle of Porth Pilsner

Porth is the Cornish word for cove or inlet, of which there are many just a stone's throw from our brewery in Cornwall. From the sands of Porthmeor, nestled in the shadow of Tate St Ives, to the west-facing beach renowned for surfing at Porthtowan.

Porthtowan Beach

Porth Pilsner is a refreshing and well-balanced golden lager that captures the spirit of Cornwall. Crafted with carefully selected malts and hops, this beer strikes a perfect harmony between its smooth, malty foundation and a subtle hop bitterness. Porth's flavor profile appeals to both seasoned beer enthusiasts and newcomers to the craft beer scene, embodying the essence of our coast.



With every sip, you'll be transported to the sensation of sand between your toes and the sea breeze on your face. It's a beer that evokes the freshness of the Cornish coast, the allure of sandy beaches, and the vibrant energy of the local lifestyle. Porth reflects the laid-back and welcoming atmosphere that defines Cornwall, making it an excellent choice for enjoying lazy summer days or as a refreshing companion to a relaxing evening in the county.


porth pilsner to be enjoyed by the waters edge


You can order directly from our website, allowing you to enjoy the taste of Cornwall no matter where you are. Whether you're a resident of Cornwall or an enthusiast from afar, our brewery's online store ensures that you can experience the crisp, clean taste of Porth regardless of your location.

Go get a taste of Cornwall and of summer on coastline and buy your bottles of Porth Pilsner here.
May 16, 2023