It can seem contrived to have a story behind each and every beer that a brewery creates, and we aren't sure there always is. Sometimes it's more about the processes used to create a great-tasting beer; sometimes, those processes involve the exploration and testing of amazing ingredients, always being managed by awesome people.

Barnoon Dubbel hits the brief on all the above. Our head brewer, Callum, wanted to create a beer that reflected autumn in Cornwall. After a little pontificating, he settled on a rich-flavored Belgian-style beer known as Dubbel. The next consideration would be the ingredients.


barnoon blackberry belgian dubbel st ives brewery


The driving force of flavor in Barnoon is blackberries, all picked locally within a few miles of the brewery. Here in West Penwith in autumn, you'll find an abundance of blackberries growing in various places, such as the Towans in St. Ives Bay, overlooking the glorious beaches of Gwithian and Godrevy. The coast path at Zennor is a perfect spot too, which makes the collection of blackberries something of an experience that we think adds to the beer, both in flavor and in soul.

Blackberry picking - St Ives Brewery

Callum used his experience and skill to blend the blackberries with candy sugar, magnum hops, and a variety of malts, which resulted in this satisfying and unique beer. It has a kick, with a 7% ABV, and a fruity, spicy aroma, as well as a dark appearance and long-lasting dry, berry flavour.

barnoon belgian dubbel in glass - st ives brewery

The proof is in the tasting; get yourself a pint in the taprooms or order online here on its own or as part of a 12 can variety mixed pack.


February 21, 2023