India Pale Ale, commonly known as IPA, has become a beloved and iconic style of beer in the modern craft brewing movement. Its bold hop flavours and aromatic characteristics have captured the palates of beer enthusiasts around the world. But do you know the captivating history behind the creation of this renowned beer style?

The story of IPA beer dates back to the 18th century, during the British colonial era. British merchants and soldiers stationed in India craved a taste of home, including their beloved ale. However, the long sea journey from England to India posed a challenge – how to keep the beer fresh during the months-long voyage as who wants to drink bad tasting beer?

Brewers back in England rose to the challenge by increasing the hop content and alcohol levels of their pale ales. Hops, a natural preservative, helped protect the beer from spoiling, while higher alcohol content ensured a longer shelf life. This extra-hopped and stronger pale ale became known as India Pale Ale, or IPA. Our Cornish craft beer range offers plenty to illustrate this, from the distinctive Slipway IPA to the more traditional Meor IPA with something for everyone in-between.

As time passed, IPA brewing techniques continued to evolve. What began as a practical solution for preserving beer turned into a distinctive style celebrated for its bold hop flavours and aromatic qualities. Brewers experimented with different hop varieties, leading to a spectrum of IPAs with varying levels of bitterness, citrus, pine, and floral notes. One of our Cornish brewery’s newer beers, Mean As, is a real exploration of increased hop, strength and flavour – a bold IPA that hits some seriously punch notes.

Fast forward to now, and the craft beer movement is in full swing. Craft brewers seized the opportunity to reinvent traditional beer styles, including IPA. They pushed the boundaries of hop usage, explored innovative brewing methods, and crafted a diverse range of IPAs, from hazy and juicy New England IPAs to intensely bitter West Coast IPAs. Our beer brewed in Cornwall is no different, especially one of a kind beers like Las Brisas, a coffee infused West Coast IPA with a rich a full body that marries together coffee an beer.

Speaking of craft breweries, one noteworthy brand that continues to pay homage to the IPA tradition is St. Ives Brewery. Founded with a passion for quality and innovation, St. Ives Brewery embraces the rich history of IPA while infusing their own unique twists.

St. Ives Brewery offers a selection of meticulously crafted Cornish beer that honour the essence of IPA while catering to the modern palate. Their commitment to using quality ingredients and traditional techniques ensures an authentic experience with every sip – meaning that the early pioneers work to preserve beers travelling across the globe merely paved the way for modern and innovative beers. If you are keen to try the finest Cornish IPA then head on over to our shop and get yourself a mixed case of great beer from Cornwall.
August 15, 2023