Ten years in the making

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“Make more good times”

10 years on and the brewery has grown from strength to strength. In 2015 we found our new home on Trenwith Burrows and set up our 10 brewers barrel plant along with gift shop and cafe above.

With stunning views over St.Ives harbour and onwards to Godrevy Lighthouse, there could not be a more picturesque location to brew award winning beers.

Marco Amura - Founder

The Boilers Story

The steamer Alba, a 3,700 ton vessel bound from Barry to Civita in Italy carrying a cargo of coal ran aground on the rocks near the Island at Porthmeor Beach.

On February 4th 1939 The St. Ives lifeboat was launched in record time and took off 24 crew members from the Alba.

Disaster struck the lifeboat on the return journey to the shore when it capsized, throwing all but three into the sea.

The lifeboat, being a self righting type was righted in seconds, the engine was damaged during the capsize making the lifeboat unmanageable. It was then dashed on the rocks. Most of the people thrown overboard managed to return safely to the shore, but five members of the Alba’s crew tragically died.

People from the town came to the rescue.

The Only remnants of the Alba to this day is the ships Boiler which can still be seen on a low tide. The large lump of steel creates a powerful barreling wave which the local surfers call ‘Boilers’.

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Staying up till dawn

Our latest brew ‘DAWN NEIPA’ is a sign of things to come. A 6% juice bomb of a beer brewed with a new water profile and the freshest hops available. Our core range of classics are still here to stay along with a crisp pilsner style lager.

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